5 Things Not to Put In A Mixer Grinder

Today, mixer grinders are one of the most common appliances in almost all households. This product is designed to have the ability to perform both mixer and grinder functions, which means it is capable of handling dry and wet foods. Despite this, it does not necessarily mean that a mixer grinder can grind any food material, regardless of whether or not it is moist or dry.

Following are the 5 things that you should avoid putting in a mixer grinder.

Vegetables or Fruits That Are Frozen

Most people do not realize that a mixer grinder cannot juice frozen fruits and vegetables. You can undoubtedly juice or blend fruit or vegetables with a mixer grinder, but you cannot process frozen fruits or vegetables.

Frozen fruit and vegetables are hard, and mixer grinder blades often have fine, sharp edges that can easily bend or break when used with frozen food. Due to this reason, when it comes to frozen fruit or frozen vegetables, we do not process them with mixer grinders.

Hot Fluids

You can’t use the hot liquid in a mixer grinder jar. Mixer grinders can grind wet and dry foods, nuts, shrubs, etc. We warn you not to use a mixer grinder for hot fluids, like soup. A mixer grinder can handle cold liquids, but not hot ones.

Dry Tomatoes or Sun-Dried Tomatoes

Tomatoes have a hard shell that can be processed when raw, but it may not be possible to do the trick with at least 5 minutes of processing time. When tomatoes are dried or lose their water, they become thicker and harder.

Potatoes and Starchy Vegetables

Starchy vegetables such as potatoes can become gluey substances when processed in a mixer grinder, which restricts the movement of the glider blade, thus making the product useless. To avoid these dangers, it is recommended that you never use a mixer grinder to mash potatoes.


In the case of crushing ginger, even raw ginger can be difficult due to the fiber-like string that can jam the blades of the mixer grinder, which causes it to malfunction. When it comes to ginger, remember one thing: it doesn’t matter if it is dried or semi-dried; you are going to burn the mixer grinder if you forget after pushing the button.


If you have to grind some hard things, you should always put your finger on the button and try to crush that thing slowly. The grinder machine does not fail immediately. So, never forget after pushing the button.

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