Sujata Dynamix 900 Watts Mixer Grinder Review

Nowadays, food ingredients and spices used in the kitchen are required to be ground into fine particles and then used in the dishes. Mixer grinders have been around for this purpose. However, certain advancements have also come with the manufacturing of newer and better mixers and grinders.

Motors of different powers (500W, 750W, 900W, etc) and various designs along with other interesting features have been introduced to the world of mixer grinders over time. The top-quality and best-selling manufacturers of these products have been seen adopting this way of manufacturing.

Similarly, the manufacturers of Sujata Dynamix 900w are the best mixer grinder manufacturers and have come a long way in terms of performance and product quality. Over the last few decades, they have made it their mission to become the pride of many kitchens, whether those in homes or in hotels. They have put together some of the best working juicers in their time.

One of these examples is the Sujata Dynamix 900 Watts Mixer Grinder, which I’m going to talk about in detail. I will be thoroughly discussing its different features, its pros, and cons, and the complete model specifications if you want to purchase this product in the future.

Sujata Dynamix Mixer

Model Specifications:

  • Brand: Sujata
  • Building Material: Plastic
  • Dimensions: 49 x 22.5 x 35.5 (centimeters)
  • Source of Power: Electric Cord
  • Number of Jars: 3
  • Power: 900 Watts

Construction and working:

Now that I’ve given you a short introduction to the Sujata Dynamix 900 watts, let me elaborate in detail on the different features of this product and how it is constructed. Not only that, I will also be discussing how its different features (motor, blades, etc) serve their purpose well.

1)   Design and build

Firstly, let us discuss the design and build quality of this product. It is a smart-looking all-white mixer grinder that is built strong and well. It is a kind of square-shaped stirrer. The construction of this product is overall plastic but is still quite durable, the plastic material also makes it lightweight and easy to carry.

These products are well-known to be quite sturdy and long-lasting in their construction and the materials used to make the build quality much better than other choices in this price bracket.

2)   Motor

Moving on to a more mechanical part of this product, it comes with a motor of total of 900W power. The motor of such products is quite significant since the 900W motor is used in almost all of its models (Powermatic, SuperMixx, etc).

This 900W power is enough for the motor to perform every heavy-duty grinding task from grinding of larger spices to mincing of smaller spices to chutneys etc. 

Even though the larger motor makes this mixie a little bit more expensive, it ends up adding value for money because nowadays, especially for families with 6+ members, a powerful mixer grinder is quite necessary at times therefore, this gets the job done in a fashionable manner.

3)   Performance

Adding to the details of the motor, the high power of 900 watts gives the mixie a large amount of power so it can perform any number of grinding and blending tasks effortlessly.

If we note the RPM, it has a quite impressive RPM of at least 22,000 cycles. Sometimes, it may range from as low as 19500 to 21000 cycles.

4)   Number of Jars

Any mixer grinder is only valuable if its main components i.e: the jars are well-built and provide good results.

The total number of jars that come with the Sujata Dynamix is three. These include a small jar, a 1L all-purpose jar, and a 1.5L jar. Let me discuss these three in detail below:

  • Smaller Chutney Jar

This is the smallest jar that comes with a total capacity of 400mL. This is usually used for grinding fine pastes and chutneys and provides good results because of its blades.

  • Multi-purpose Jar

This comes with a total capacity of 1 liter and as the name suggests, this is useful for almost anything. You can grind spices as well as chutneys in it, however, I would prefer the smaller jar for chutneys and pastes as this 1L jar may be too big to grind chutneys.

  • Wet Grinding Jar

Finally, the third and the biggest in size is the wet grinding jar. This has a total capacity of 1.5 liters and again, as the name suggests, this one can be used to grind fine batters of rice and dal or dry fruit pastes. This also comes in use for making milkshakes etc.

All three jars are made of stainless steel and have polycarbonate lids on top of them. These jars are very sturdy in their making and provide amazing results.

5)   Blades

Just like the jars of this product, the blades are also rugged and sharp in their functioning. They have a total thickness of 1.4mm and can cut through almost any spice or ingredient with ease, which ensures fine grinding.

The chutney jar features blades that are very close to the bottom of the jar so as to promise almost 100% efficiency. The multi-purpose jar has a similar working in terms of blades.

Apart from the built-in blades, two extra blades are included in the box, these can be useful for chopping and whipping.

6)   Safety and protection

Any product manufacturer makes sure that the product is not harmful or dangerous in any way. Similarly, the manufacturers make their products user-friendly and protective of their user as well as the machines themselves.

The Sujata Dynamix 900 watts comes with an ABS shockproof body so you don’t have to worry about getting electrocuted or anything. Moreover, the largest jar has a lid lock whereas the other two lack one which is quite disappointing.

7)   Usage

As I’ve already discussed above, this mixer grinder is a totally safe-to-use appliance for you and your family. Likewise, it is also very easy to clean and is quite manageable despite being a heavy-duty mixer grinder.

The lids and the gaskets are specifically easy to clean as the gaskets can be completely removed and thus the lids can also be cleaned with the help of dishwashing soap or even handwash.

The polycarbonate lids are grayish in color so the overall look of the mixie looks like new even after continuous use.


  • Multi-tasker
  • 900W powerful motor
  • Shockproof
  • Tough build quality
  • Great value for money
  • 2-year warranty


  • No overload protection
  • Lack of vacuum feet
  • Very noisy at times

What makes Sujata Dynamix 900 watts, a top choice?

The bottom line about this mixer grinder is that if you want something that performs the heaviest of tasks with ease and does not fumble under pressure, then Sujata Dynamix 900 watts is a pretty solid choice. However, it is important to note that it still lacks quite a few features, especially an overload protection. If you can compromise there, then this mixer grinder is a very good choice in terms of power, performance and durability.


To make it short, Sujata Dynamix 900 watts mixer grinder overall, is a very solid option especially in this price bracket. It comes with all the necessary features and delivers well in terms of performance and convenience, if these are the things you are looking for then Sujata is the way to go.

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