Different Types of Mixer Grinders and Their Uses

One of the most valuable appliances in a household is the mixer grinder. It is a vital appliance in any kitchen. The fast pace of life makes it impossible for a person to take on all the responsibilities that come with it, one of which is running the kitchen.

There was a time when grandmothers used a mortar and pestle to make powder, paste, various spices, and other food items required in the kitchen while sunbathing. Those days are gone.

Nowadays, various mixer grinders are available in the market because of the advancement in technology. You can use this machine at home or make your food in a restaurant or hotel.

Despite this, all mixer grinders are not the same, and different people use different types of mixer grinders to suit their needs.

The basic concept of mixer grinders is the same, but they differ in certain aspects and serve different purposes, despite having the same basic concept.

Here’s some more information on mixer grinders and how they differ. Let’s take a closer look at them and find out the different types of mixer grinder and their uses.

Different Types of Mixer Grinder and Their Uses

Wet Mixer Grinders

The wet mixer grinder is ideal when you want to blend items that need water, such as lentils, grains, rice, onions, ginger, and other food products. This machine comes with four blades connected to a pivoting mechanism.

Wet Mixer Grinders
Wet Mixer Grinders

There are four blades in it, and two of them are angled upwards, and two of them are angled downwards. When rotated at a very high speed, the wet substances inside the pivot form a paste.

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There’s a good chance that you have messed up the kitchen several times while preparing a cake or while making dough for bread. Using the blending attachments that come with this mixer and grinder for mocktails, you can blend fruit juices in a way you have never experienced before.


Furthermore, they can make the perfect dough for your bread without straining your wrists. The hand blender can also be used for purposes, and it will stop the ingredients from fighting with each other.

Dry Mixer Grinders

Compared to other types of mixers, this one has a different type of blade. A heavy-duty machine like this can grind various products, such as dry spices, nuts, and other kinds of food.

Ideally, the blades of the machine should rotate at high speed to ensure that spices or other hard food items that need to be ground into a fine powder or cut into small pieces can be quickly processed.

Dry Mixer Grinders
Dry Mixer Grinders

As soon as the blades are close to the pivot, they become somewhat flat, then again angled upwards. The angle between the sections of the blade, to understand the curve between them, we can say that they curve at an angle of about 45 degrees.

This shape makes it easier to drag spices into the holes, grind them into powder, and then drag them back up with a rotating motion, freeing up space for other spices at the bottom to be added. When it comes to grinding spices, this type of mixer blade is perfect for the job.

Mixer Grinder for Slicing and Shredding

You do not need to use a knife or a cutting board when you can slice fruits and vegetables using this type of mixer grinder.

Mixer Grinder for Slicing and Shredding
Mixer Grinder for Slicing and Shredding

When the bowl is used with the slicing or shredding disc, you can get uniform-sized pieces of fruits and vegetables with the twist of a knob.

In this way, the user does not have to sweat in the kitchen heat and can have a more enjoyable cooking experience and prepare more appealing dishes.

Mincing Mixer Grinder

Anyone who runs a kitchen knows that there will be a time when they will need to mince meat or vegetables. I think it is a good idea to use a mincer for this purpose.

Mincing Mixer Grinder
Mincing Mixer Grinder

The blades are slightly different, and the paste is not formed when the ingredients are combined. The other advantage is that they ensure the ingredients are minced accurately for the dish you wish to prepare.

Chutney Mixing and Grinding

It is common to have chutneys or sauces accompanying almost every kind of food that is served. Now that they can be easily made at home, there is no need to buy them in the market anymore.

Chutney Mixing and Grinding
Chutney Mixing and Grinding

The Chutney Blades will enable you to make chutneys or sauces that are incredibly tasty and have the right texture, and your friends will not be able to get enough of them.


Mixer grinders are used not only to mix and grind food but can also be used for many other purposes. Instead of calling them mixer grinders, it would be better to call them food processors.

Each type of mixer grinder described above is available as an individual unit or as part of a complete system. If you wish to change the blades of the bowl, you need either to change the bowl in which the blades cannot be changed, or you need to change the blade for a specific use.

However, it is always better to use a separate unit for your blender to blend your ingredients perfectly, or you can knead or beat the flour or other similar items to help make the batter or dough.

Making a recipe from the above list and enjoying the process of cooking it will be the most enjoyable experience. Grinders and mixers have revolutionized how we prepare food in the present day. The use of the latest technology is something everyone should take advantage of and feel the difference once it has been used.

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