Top 10 Best Tower Air Cooler in India 2023

Nowadays, the highest temperatures are being recorded all over India and neighboring countries. This temperature rise is continuously increasing and thus summers have become very difficult to handle. Especially if you’re living in some of the hottest areas of India, now is the time to invest in a tower air cooler for your comfort at home.

We cannot control the temperature outside our homes but, we can control it inside. This can be done in many ways: getting an AC installed, a new water cooler or you can make the right decision of buying a new tower air cooler for your home.

It is true that ACs and water coolers have made our life easier in the past but let me tell you that the tower air coolers are the next big thing in India. Their use is becoming common day by day because of their sleek look and minimalistic design.

However, it is easy to get lost on the internet in the pursuit of a good product so I’m going to save you from the trouble. I have compiled a long list of the 10 best tower air coolers in India for you to choose from.

What is a ‘tower’ air cooler?

A tower air cooler, as the name suggests, is a heightened tower-shaped air cooler that provides a nice cooling experience. These are movable and can be placed anywhere to get the maximum cooling effect e.g: near the bed, near the sofa, beside the cradle, etc.

The preference for tower air coolers over ACs is because ACs consume a lot of power and usually have a lot of effect on the grid. Tower air coolers may not cool the entire room like an air conditioning system but these electrical appliances can provide you a good cooling experience in the direction you place them.

Best Tower Air Coolers in India

Here is the detailed list of options with their specifications and pros and cons so you can get a better idea of every product:

Best Pick1) Symphony Diet 12T
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2) iBELL Deluxe
Check Price
3) Symphony Diet 3D 55i+
Check Price
4) Symphony Diet 3D 30i
Check Price
5) Symphony Diet 35T
Check Price
6) Symphony 100L Tower Air Cooler
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7) Crompton Optimus Neo
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8) Croma CRRC1205 Tower Cooler
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9) HAVAI Bullet XL
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10) Bajaj TMH12 Tower Cooler
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1) Symphony Diet 12T

Best Pick

Symphony Diet 12T

Symphony as an air cooler manufacturer has taken over the industry with its different models. Each model has a lot of features and provides complete comfort but the best of them in my book is the Symphony Diet 12T.


As I’ve already discussed before, the design is very minimalistic in a way as it is tall instead of wide and covers very little space in your room. So, you can place this appliance anywhere in your room according to your comfort.

i-Pure Technology:

The great feature of this air cooler is that you don’t have to worry about pollution as it comes with a multistage filter for the purification of the air.

Air polluting microorganisms and allergies are not able to pass through the filter and give you fresh air. This fresh air can be improved by keeping the doors and windows of the room open.

Tank Capacity:

The specialty of this product is that it has a 12-liter tank which gives you enough water capacity. It also has a water level indicator to let you know the water level.

Reasons to Buy

  • High water retention
  • Multi-stage filter
  • Castor wheels for movability

Reasons to Avoid

  • Only sufficient for 1-2 people

Personal Opinion:

The reason I have placed this appliance in the first place is that despite its low water capacity (compared to the others), it is still top-class in all the other aspects and therefore, is a great buy.

2) iBELL Deluxe

iBELL Deluxe

iBELL is an up and coming brand in the world of tower air coolers. iBELL aims to satisfy its customers in the best way possible and keep its products versatile and long-serving.

Elegant look:

The appearance of this product is very elegant and gives a neat and stylish look to your house. Its design is also very minimalist so you can move it from place to place according to your requirements.

Not only that, the weight of this appliance is very low which means it is easy to carry. It’s so lightweight that even your children can carry it!

Air Delivery:

Let’s talk about its air throw and its range. The iBELL Deluxe model is designed in such a way that its air throw is amazing and is also engineered to deliver air at a height of almost 25 feet. This means it will also be providing a cooling effect higher than itself.

Moreover, the swing mode makes sure the air is delivered almost to 90 degrees.

Reasons to Buy

  • High-quality PP plastic used
  • Very lightweight
  • Low power consumption

Reasons to Avoid

  • A little noisy

Personal Opinion:

Compared to all the other Symphony products, the iBELL Deluxe takes the second spot in my opinion, especially because of its durable PP plastic quality and the fact that it is also lightweight and saves power when running, all of these things make it a great second pick.

3) Symphony Diet 3D 55i+

Symphony Diet 3D 55i+

As I said before, Symphony is the ruler of tower air cooler manufacturers and you’ll soon notice that as you proceed to read this article, I have included a lot of Symphony products for the top options.

Another Symphony model is the Symphony Diet 3D 55i+, which features similar technology to the Symphony Diet 12T, only with a larger water capacity of 55 liters.

High-efficiency Cooling:

The Diet 3D 55i+ comes with a long-lasting dura pump and honeycomb pads present on three sides. These honeycomb pads are designed in such a way as to retain as much water as possible for a longer time.

This appliance also comes with a cool flow dispenser which allows the water to be distributed equally around the machine, providing a coherent cooling effect altogether.

Power Saver:

This product only allows itself to use approximately 145 watts of electricity which is very good compared to the appliances of today over-using electricity.

Tank Alarm:

It not only allows you a water capacity of 55 liters but also comes with an alarm that goes off once the tank is empty.

Reasons to Buy

  • 3-sided honeycomb bands
  • Automatic pop-up touchscreen
  • Good water capacity
  • Power saver

Reasons to Avoid

  • Poor remote control

Personal Opinion:

In my opinion, the Diet 3D 55i+ would be a great addition to your room as it uses the same i-pure technology and provides a good cooling effect with a lot of water capacity. The only minor problem is, that you can’t really turn on the cooler with the remote when sitting down.

4) Symphony Diet 3D 30i

Symphony Diet 3D 30i

The Symphony Diet 3D 30i is pretty similar to the Symphony Diet 3D 55i+ in terms of features and specifications. The only difference is that it comes with a water capacity of 30 liters instead of 55 liters.


The design of Symphony products has always been futuristic and modern. The exquisite mixing of the black and white color gives it a sleek finish which adds an elegant look to your house.

Moreover, the entire construction is from plastic which makes it lightweight but a good-quality plastic instead so that it stays durable as well.

i-Pure technology:

Again, almost all Symphony models are equipped with the i-Pure technology which eliminates any chance of pollution or allergies when it sends out fresh air. This is done through multi-stage filters inside the machine.

Pop-up touchscreen:

As I said before, such types of products bring a futuristic and modern look to your home. Similarly, the operation of this air cooler is pretty neat through a pop-up touchscreen on the top of the appliance.

Reasons to Buy

  • Empty water tank alarm
  • Protective SMPS technology
  • Magnetic remote

Reasons to Avoid

  • A little bit noisy

Personal Opinion:

Again, I would say the same thing for this appliance as well as it is quite similar to the previous pick. The Diet 3D 30i possesses a sleek look for your house and also comes with the ability to restore its settings to the last settings used when you turn it on. It produces a little noise so that may be an issue for some.

5) Symphony Diet 35T

Symphony Diet 35T

The Symphony Diet 35T is a medium-standard Symphony product that has comparatively fewer features and accessories than the 3D 55i+ and the 3D 30i but still, it proves to be a great addition to your house through a wonderful cooling experience.


This model specifically comes in all-white color, unlike the other black and white mix colors. It is constructed from a good-quality plastic material and features three different speed levels.

Storage Tank:

The total capacity of water in the tank is 35 liters, which is 5 liters additional than the 3D 30i model. It also features a water level indicator which lets you know when to refill it.

SMPS Technology:

The good thing about its functioning is that it features SMPS technology which turns off the appliance as soon as possible in the event of any voltage fluctuations.

Castor Wheels:

Moreover, it comes with 4-sided castor wheels which allow you to move this appliance from one place to another easily.

Reasons to Buy

  • Automatic louvers
  • Easy to carry
  • Dura-pump technology

Reasons to Avoid

  • Loud functioning

Personal Opinion:

In my opinion, this appliance is quite similar to the first option but its loud functioning can make it a risky purchase. The rest of the features are on point so if you can compromise on the noise, this will be well-suitable for you.

6) Symphony 100L Tower Air Cooler

Symphony 100L Tower Air Cooler

In the wide variety of different Symphony products, there is bound to be a premium quality tower air cooler and that is the Symphony 100L tower air cooler. This amazing appliance comes with a large water capacity and some extra air cooling features which make it one of the top premium choices.


This 100L tower air cooler is constructed from durable and high-quality plastic. It comes in an elegant white look and proves to blend in beautifully with its surroundings. Moreover, it has dimensions of 635mm x 500mm x 1620 mm (LxBxH) and can be placed easily around your room.

7-speed cooling:

This 100-liter tower air cooler is equipped with a powerful blower fan which has 7 different speed options, giving you a wide variety of options to choose from.

Control panel:

It comes with a user-friendly design control panel with smooth touch for further convenience. Moreover, a large LCD display makes it easier to operate. It also has remote control options.

Reasons to Buy

  • 7-speed setting
  • Large 100L water capacity
  • Durable quality cooler
  • Remote control functioning

Reasons to Avoid

  • Costly
  • Larger than other models

Personal Opinion:

The Symphony 100 L tower air cooler, in my opinion, is one of the best options to go for if you have a lot of money to spend on one appliance as it features a large water capacity so you don’t have to worry about that for a while once you fill it to the brim.

It is quite expensive though.

7) Crompton Optimus Neo

Crompton Optimus Neo

Crompton has been around for a while and has many versatile products in different departments of electrical appliances. Similarly, it has manufactured the Optimus Neo tower air cooler to give you the best cooling experience possible.

Modern design:

The Crompton Optimus Neo features a stylish and sleek look to add further aesthetic to your room. The lower body and the sides are dipped in white whereas the front upper body and the top are black.

The top front features two knobs that let you control the speed up to 3 levels. There is also an ice chamber on the top that is easily accessible from which you can add ice for an extra cooling effect.


It has a high capacity of 27 liters and is most suitable for 160 square foot room size. The air cooler features high-density honeycombs that help prolong the cooling effect for several hours.

Good airflow:

The Optimus Neo also provides a good flow of cooling effect as it features air deflection in four directions.

Reasons to Buy

  • Efficient everlast pump
  • Compatible with inverter
  • Collapsible louvers
  • Mosquito net

Reasons to Avoid

  • Short-length power cord

Personal Opinion:

If you can withstand the irritating smell of plastic and are on an ‘okay’ budget, then the Optimus Neo will do you justice. Besides, it is equipped with an up-to-date everlast pump which promises a neat and efficient cooling experience.

8) Croma CRRC1205 Tower Cooler

Croma CRRC1205 Tower Cooler

Croma offers you a cool breeze effect right in your room with the CRRC1205 tower air cooler! This appliance is packed with all the necessary and important features and even has a large water capacity of 47 liters.

Honeycomb cooling pads:

Anti-fungal cellulose-based paper is used to make these honeycomb pads. These pads are present on the back side of this appliance in large quantities. Croma products especially are famous for having large-sized honeycomb pads which greatly help preserve and prolong the cooling effect.

Moreover, icing compartments are present in this tower air cooler which can be filled when the temperature rises too high.


An ideal airflow with a delivery rate of 1650 meter cubes per hour makes the whole cooling effect very enjoyable. No matter where you place it, either it’s near your bed or your sofa.


Easy-sliding castor wheels are pre-installed to move this appliance from one place to another. This makes it very convenient and easy to use.

Reasons to Buy

  • Thermal overload protection
  • Moveable
  • Ice compartments
  • Value for money

Reasons to Avoid

  • None

Personal Opinion:

The Croma CRRC1205 tower air cooler has a good quality cooling effect and also comes with large honeycomb pads for preserved cooling. This type of product is greatly appreciable in this price range which makes it a good budget option.

9) HAVAI Bullet XL


HAVAI as air cooler manufacturers promises to bring comfort in the usage of their products. Moreover, they are known to have the best after-sales service.

Construction and design:

This appliance is known to be one of the tallest tower air coolers out there with a likewise strong air throw. It has a strong ABS blower at a height of 34.5 cm and provides a strong cooling airflow around the room.

Cooling pads:

Unlike the traditional large honeycomb cooling pad at the back, this appliance comes with premium 5090 flute honeycomb pads on two sides. These types of honeycombs are denser and provide better cooling.

Mosquito nets also come installed in this model to prevent mosquitoes from entering the cooler.

Anti-bacterial cover:

Any electrical appliance just lying there on its own is bound to get dusty which will result in its malfunctioning at some point. The Bullet XL, however, comes with an antibacterial cover that protects the appliance from any type of dust particles getting in the cooler.

Even without the cover, the dust filter, and the mosquito net, altogether help prevent such things from entering the air cooler.

Reasons to Buy

  • Durable base
  • Water pipe and cover included
  • Premium honeycomb cooling pads

Reasons to Avoid

  • Satisfactory performance

Personal Opinion:

The HAVAI Bullet XL does feature extra large in its name and might be bigger than the other options but the reason I placed it down here is that despite having all the necessary features, the performance of its blower is satisfactory and not on a high standard. Moreover, it costs much more than the Croma tower air cooler.

10) Bajaj TMH12 Tower Cooler

Bajaj TMH12 Tower Cooler

Last but not least, Bajaj manufacturers have designed various kinds of electrical appliances all over India and this TMH12 tower air cooler is also one of its kind. It comes with up-to-date cooling technology and a great airflow deflection system.


It has a minimalist design and features a water capacity of only 12 liters in its storage tank. This cooler is ideal for 150 square feet of room sizes and works well in all types of climates and weather.

Moreover, it features an ice chamber with several different compartments to store ice cubes. So when the temperature becomes too hot, added ice cubes can increase the cooling effect by a lot.

Hexacool technology:

The hexagonal design of this appliance is done in such a way that it delivers a maximum cooling effect through good water circulation. This also helps minimize the amount of water used.

Speed options:

A 3-speed control panel lets you control the speed of the blower on three different levels i.e: slow, medium, and fast.

Reasons to Buy

  • Equipped with typhoon blower technology
  • 4-way air deflection
  • Included ice compartments

Reasons to Avoid

  • Low water capacity

Personal Opinion:

The Bajaj tower air cooler is designed in such a way that it possesses a 4-way deflection system. Moreover, the 3-speed control gives you three different speed options (slow, medium and fast). The rest is okay but the major problem which pulls this appliance down is the fact that it has a very low water capacity.

How to Choose the Best Tower Air Cooler?

Now you may have already gone through the different options I gathered above but what are those factors that really determine if the one you chose really is a good tower air cooler. Well, there are several different factors you need to look out for and they are as follows:

●     Cooling pads

In any air cooler, cooling pads are necessary. You might ask what cooling pads do. Well, the main goal of cooling pads is to preserve and prolong the cooling effect of the blower.

These can be either aspen or honeycomb cooling pads. From my experience, the honeycombs pads are way better in quality and are long-lasting.

●     Room size

It’s not just the appliance but it’s also your room size. A large room with a small sized air cooler wouldn’t work, because the air won’t reach you properly.

That is why make sure to get an air cooler according to your room size.

●     Motor

Outdated motors of such electrical appliances give you little to no cooling nowadays, especially during high temperatures. So, it is advised to go for a good and efficient motor, better if it comes with a thermal overload protection.

Copper motors are the best in any case since they are known to be long-lasting.

●     Modern features

Nowadays, extensive features like thermal overload protection, LCD display and even touch display are common in many electrical appliances. Remote control and LCD display are two of the features you want to look for in your tower air cooler.

It may end up costing a little more but it is absolutely for your own convenience.

●     After sales service

Imagine you bring a new appliance home and are unable to get it to work no matter what you try. Essentially, user manuals should be included with the box but still, a good after sales service is an important thing to have nowadays.

Many reliable companies tend to have those so make sure you keep an eye out for that service when you purchase your tower air cooler.

●     Budget

The last and most important thing is the budget obviously. If you are on a low budget, you want to buy the best possible value-for-money product possible.

On the other hand, if you have a lot of cash to spend, you can easily get a high-quality tower air cooler.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does a tower air cooler work like an AC?

The short answer is no since ACs regulate the air inside the room whereas an air cooler uses the fresh air from the outside and makes it chilled to provide us with fresh air.

Will a tower air cooler work in a humid environment?

It will work but not to its full potential. Since air coolers tend to use the air from the outside and then cool it, a humid environment will fail to give the air cooler any fresh air. Hence, the air from the cooler won’t be as chilled.

Are tower air coolers difficult to keep?

Tower air coolers are very easy to handle and operate. They come in slim and sleek designs so they can be placed anywhere in the house. Some of them also come with castor wheels for movability.


To sum things up, a tower air cooler is a great thing to have in your house especially nowadays when the temperature is at an all-time high here in India. Especially when you come home from work and you need a quick breather, these things work great. Plus, they’re cheaper than desert coolers and ACs and are easy to handle. So, if you want to buy your own desert air cooler, just go through the list of options above. Also give the buying guide a quick read for better understanding of what you’re buying. Good luck!

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