Top 10 Best Atta Chakki Machine for Home Use in India 2023

Nowadays, purchasing packaged flour from your nearby store might be easy and convenient as you just have to make your way to the store and simply buy the flour without any extended work but the problem in this approach is that in many cases, packaged flour is not 100% healthy for you to consume as it involves many kinds of preservatives and chemicals which are harmful in the long run.

That is why, modern electrical appliances i.e: atta chakki machines have been introduced as a way to give you complete control over making your own flour, which is much safer to go for.

Another advantage of using such machines on a regular basis are that you can have multi-grain choices when you make the flour yourself as compared to packaged flour which gives you little choices depending on its availability and stock.

Therefore, I have compiled a list of the best atta chakki machines in India for home use that you can have a look at and decide which type of product suits you the most. I’m sure once you go through this article, you will have a better knowledge of things and will have the upper hand when it comes to making flour for your own use.

What are the different types of atta chakki machines?

●     Stone


The stone atta chakki is pretty similar to the traditional old-school design flour machines. This type of machine obviously doesn’t use electricity and  consists of two circular grinding stones, enclosed in a body.

One of those stones is rotated with the help of a lever, this stone turns against the other stationary stone. The contact between the two grinds the grains.

It is important to note however, that since this type of chakki has no outer body, the process might be a bit difficult and may cause a little bruises while using it.

●     Stoneless


The second and more modern type of chakki machines is quite self-explanatory from the name, since this doesn’t consist of stones but actually runs on electricity and uses electric power to grind.

Moreover, these types of electrical appliances are closed within an outer body to prevent any type of bruises while using it.

Grains are placed inside the machine and the stainless steel blades inside the chamber grind these grains into powdered form.

●     Automatic


Last but not least, some automatic atta chakki machines have also been invented. These kinds of machines are already programmed to perform different actions on command and do not require any additional help to perform the process.

The sensors automatically detect the grains and work as they are supposed to, automatically grinding the grains into powdered form. These types of machines save a lot of time and energy.

10 Best Atta Chakki Machines to Use at Home

Now, here are the 10 best atta chakki machines according to my opinion. I have discussed them in detail below with their advantages and disadvantages:

Best Pick1) Natraj Viva
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2) Natraj TALL
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3) Milcent NEO Talky
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4) MICROACTIVE 2-in-1 Atta Chakki Machine
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6) NAVSUKH Gharghanti
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8) King Smart Green
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9) NAVSUKH Healthy Pro Automatic Machine
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10) CLASSIC Atta Chakki Machine
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1) Natraj Viva

Best Pick

Natraj Viva

The Natraj Viva is the best and top pick for an atta chakki machine. It is an automatic domestic flour mill that will not only provide you a high-quality grinding experience but will also add beauty to your kitchen.


The motor of this product is completely and dynamically balanced and uses German technology to give you a silent and fine grinding experience.

Moreover, the unique design of the filter prevents any type of leakage or spilling of the grains from the container inside the machine.

Nutrients Retainer:

As compared to the packaged flour which is made at high temperatures, the Natraj Viva atta chakki machine operates at low temperatures to retain all the original qualities of the grains.

The color, aroma and the taste of the nutrients that is usually lost at high temperatures is retained in its original form when made inside the Natraj Viva, thereby making it a great appliance.


The automatic shut down of this machine is a great safety feature as, when you might accidentally open the door while it is running, it will immediately turn off to prevent spillage.

Reasons to Buy

  • Auto-cleanable
  • Multi-use for different grains
  • Portable

Reasons to Avoid

  • Expensive

My Opinion:

Natraj Viva is a great choice to buy since it contains all important features and also helps save energy. It is most suitable for small-scale families.

2) Natraj TALL

Natraj TALL

The second on the list is another Natraj product and it is known as the Natraj TALL atta chakki machine. As the name suggests, it is a more improved version of the Natraj Viva. It is a little bigger in size and has a few more additional features as well.


The Natraj TALL also uses the same German technology along with a powerful balanced motor to provide you a noise-free operation. Moreover, the distinctive design of the filter prevents any leakage.

Large Hopper:

The TALL model features a bigger hopper design, measuring at 5.25 KG whereas the Natraj Viva weighed at 4.5 KG. This increase in weight is because of the 16.66% bigger hopper size which lets you add much more nutrients and grains in a single go.

Additional Vacuum Cleaner:

The difference in features is that it comes with a built-in vacuum cleaner which costs you almost ₹3000 extra. To be very honest, you can get a new vacuum cleaner in that price range so it might not be necessary in this case.

Reasons to Buy

  • Noiseless
  • Multipurpose use
  • Dust-free collection

Reasons to Avoid

  • Flour wastage during operation

My Opinion:

The large hopper size and taller atta chakki machine means it is ideal for larger families. Moreover, it also helps in saving a lot of energy.

3) Milcent NEO Talky

Milcent NEO Talky

Milcent NEO Talky is the perfect choice for someone who wants the best value out of a product at an affordable price. Since this product is budget-friendly, easily manageable and has a lot of amazing features, it is loved by many.

Build Quality:

The overall cabinet is designed with durable looking boards. The quality is not on level with the Natraj products but it is still quite good according to the price range.

Moreover, it comes with a 1HP single-phase electric motor which runs at 2820 revolutions per minute. This is good enough to mill at a rate of 8-10 kgs per hour approximately. Also, this product has a stainless steel chamber for storing up to 5 kgs of grains.


As I mentioned before, this type of electrical appliance works on the basis of a single switch. Moreover, it has a large hopper capacity and lets you grind different types of spices as well such as turmeric, black pepper and also grains such as wheat and rice etc.

Reasons to Buy

  • Stylish design
  • 30% energy saver
  • Audio guide
  • Overload protection

Reasons to Avoid

  • Costly

My Opinion:

The NEO Talky atta chakki machine features an audio-guide for your instructions and also features overload protection which helps protect the machine for a longer time.

4) MICROACTIVE 2-in-1 Atta Chakki Machine

MICROACTIVE 2-in-1 Atta Chakki Machine

An admirable atta chakki machine that is budget-friendly and also does its job well is great but if you can spend some extra money on it and get a 2-in-1 atta chakki and spice grinder machine.

Well, that is the MICROACTIVE 2-in-1 atta chakki machine with similar features as the MICROACTIVE Classic.

Motor Housing:

Similar to the MICROACTIVE Classic, it features a 100% copper wound motor which preserves the longevity of the motor and also gives you a good quality grinding experience.

Build Quality:

Again, this atta chakki machine features a 6-blade grinding chamber unlike the traditional 4-blade chambers. This makes grinding grains easier and quicker.

2-in-1 Feature:

This atta chakki machine is specifically famous for its 2-in-1 feature which means you can both grind grains (wheat, rice etc) and also grind spices like black pepper, chili etc, through a single machine.


This automatic domestic use atta chakki machine is easy to manage and operate. The lack of a built-in vacuum cleaner means you’ll have to do the honors yourself but a brush is included in the atta chakki kit.

The stainless steel collection container is washable and can be cleaned easily.

Reasons to Buy

  • Reasonable price
  • Able to grind both grains and spices
  • Good atta chakki kit

Reasons to Avoid

  • Poor quality wheels

My Opinion:

If you are looking for a machine with the ability to grind both grains and spices, this 2-in-1 atta chakki machine (at a reasonable price!) is the best buy. 



Another MICROACTIVE product is the MICROACTIVE Florence atta chakki machine which is not only budget-friendly but also has good quality features that make it a great choice. Let me discuss these features in detail:

Construction and design:

If we talk about the overall cabinet construction, the cabinet is constructed from plywood and steel body. Compared to top picks, the quality may be a little ‘okay’. However, this average quality of the cabinet does not raise any major concerns as it is according to the price you’re getting it at.

Moreover, the MICROACTIVE Florence atta chakki has a 6-blade cold forged aluminum grinding chamber which is different as compared to the usual cold forged steel grinding chambers.


Overall considering the size of this thing, it is a pretty compact machine. It has the dimensions of 33 x 78.7 x 48.3 centimeters and weighs a total of 45 kilograms.

The height of this atta chakki machine is only 31 inches tall, which makes it just shorter than Natraj Viva or Tall atta chakki machines. Due to that specific reason, it is very easy to store and is the perfect choice for small kitchens. 

Reasons to Buy

  • Single switch functionality
  • Auto-clean function
  • Child lock feature

Reasons to Avoid

  • No pre-installed vacuum cleaner

My Opinion:

The MICROACTIVE Florence atta chakki machine is a great aesthetic addition for your kitchen and also comes with an autoclean feature to help it stay clean.

6) NAVSUKH Gharghanti

NAVSUKH Gharghanti

This NAVSUKH Gharghanti atta chakki machine or also known as the NAVSUKH Prima model has a splash-resistant floral print on the front and comes in different colors. These colors are subjected to availability.


Let us discuss the build quality of this machine in detail. Firstly, unlike the traditional atta chakki machines, this product comes with a 6-blade grinding chamber which is designed with AFBM technology. The material used is stainless steel and it is very durable and sturdy.

On the other hand, the modular cabinets are made with plywood and steel. NAVSUKH’s products come in various different models such as the Prima, Prima Plus, Vikram Plus and Vikram Premium.

Premium quality models come with higher quality wooden cabinets whereas the Prima models are made with satisfactory quality which is justifiable in their price range.


The NAVSUKH Gharghanti machine uses a single phase 1 HP motor. This machine can help produce up to 12kg flour every hour, which is very impressive and much better than most machines.

Reasons to Buy

  • Portable
  • Eight jaalis included
  • Steel sheeted base for cleaning

Reasons to Avoid

  • Poor quality cabinet

My Opinion:

In my opinion, the best budget option you can go for is the NAVSUKH Gharghanti. It is portable and has several jaalis for refined grinding. However, it may be bulky like the Natraj TALL model but it provides more capacity.



The microactive brand is also a top-quality brand to manufacture good atta chakki machines. Their quality may not be premium like other brands such as Natraj and Navsukh but it is still quite good in this price range.


The overall construction is pretty solid as it comes with a unique 6-blade high quality grinding chamber. Usually, atta chakki machines seem to come with 4 blades but there is not much difference between the 4-blade and 6-blade pounding chamber. The door of the chamber is also quite strong and gives a sturdy finish to the chamber.

Moreover, the grinded grains end up in the large container underneath the chamber. This chamber is made of stainless steel and also features a cloth filter ring around it to prevent any falling out of the output.


Every MICROACTIVE product with a 100% copper winding motor. These kinds of motors are not only efficient but also long-lasting. This means that the copper winding makes the motor last more.

MICROACTIVE Classic atta chakki machine is bound to save energy during its operation.

Reasons to Buy

  • 6-blade grinding chamber
  • Cloth filter around collection chamber
  • Overload protection

Reasons to Avoid

  • Difficult to clean

My Opinion:

This model is exactly similar to the MICROACTIVE 2-in-1 atta chakki machine and has all the similar features such as an efficient 6-blade grinding chamber and overload protection as well.

8) King Smart Green

King Smart Green

King Smart Green is another good caliber atta chakki machine, it consists of a unique floral type of design on the front and top to give your kitchen a modern look. Apart from that and the usual in such machines, it also possesses an auto-glow LED light that is a pretty cool feature to have.

Power and Capacity:

This appliance consists of a 1 HP motor that does a fine job in giving you a great grinding experience. Moreover, its hopper has a capacity of 5 kilograms which is quite fitting according to the usual standard.

Similarly, the output flour is also like in many traditional choices, it has an output of about 8-10 kg per hour.


The cabinet of this machine is made from ISI plywood whereas the interior is designed from steel. This is done specifically to increase the durability of this appliance.

Moreover, the grinding chamber is constructed from aluminum and has 100 copper bindings.

The good thing about this appliance is that it is one of those appliances that do not make a lot of noise so it’s pretty user-friendly. Also, it is easy to clean and has a child lock feature as well.

Reasons to Buy

  • Quiet operation
  • Auto LED light
  • Stylish design

Reasons to Avoid

  • None

My Opinion:

If you are looking for something that will give you a comforting and convenient grinding experience, then the King Smart Green is the best choice to go for. Not only that, it also possesses an auto-glow LED light for further feasibility.

9) NAVSUKH Healthy Pro Automatic Machine

NAVSUKH Healthy Pro Automatic Machine

Another NAVSUKH atta chakki machine which is known to have all the important and necessary features. Not only that, it is known to have the best marble finish look on such an appliance.

So, if you were looking for some old-school type decorative design for your kitchen, this is bound to add further elegance to that look.

ABFM Technology:

Just like the NAVSUKH Prime or Gharghanti, this model is also equipped with the latest ABFM technology in its grinding chamber. The grinding chamber is equipped with a 6-blade grinder, which by the way is designed by ABFM technology.

Automatic Operation:

As the name says so, this is an automatic atta chakki machine and has an automatic feeding system which means that you don’t have to constantly worry about checking the hopper for grains.

The machine itself detects the grains in the hopper and performs the desired function.

Overload Protection:

It also features overload protection which means it will prevent the appliance from getting too hot and damaging its components.

Reasons to Buy

  • Hygienic grinding
  • Moveable
  • Powerful motor
  • ABFM technology

Reasons to Avoid

  • None

My Opinion:

The NAVSUKH Healthy Pro, as the name suggests, is a very hygienic atta chakki. It also comes with castor wheels to move around and possesses a strong motor for efficient grinding.

10) CLASSIC Atta Chakki Machine

CLASSIC Atta Chakki Machine

Last but not least, the best budget option for you is the CLASSIC Atta Chakki machine, still jam packed with a lot of amazing features and despite it being cheaper (compared to top picks), it still gets its job done amazingly and to a high extent.


The outer part of this appliance is made from ISI plywood and the interior is made from stainless steel. Obviously, the presence of stainless steel is very necessary to ensure durability.

Not to mention, this atta chakki machine comes in six different colors / designs for you to choose from so it gives you a lot of control appearance wise, that’s for sure.

Apart from the appearance, the grinding chamber of this appliance is cold-forged made from steel and gives you a smooth and fine quality output flour.


This automatic chakki machine possesses a strong and powerful 1 HP motor which is single-phase. It has an RPM of 2880 which gives you a quick grinding experience.

Fully Automatic:

Just like the product I mentioned above, this is also fully automatic and provides a hands-free operation. In this way, you don’t have to constantly worry about restarting the machine.

Moreover, it contains several different sized jaalis to choose from when asking to grind.

Reasons to Buy

  • Budget-friendly
  • Automatic working
  • Nutrient retainer
  • 10-year warranty

Reasons to Avoid

  • Low-quality cabinet

My Opinion:

If you have a low budget and also want a reliable appliance with a good warranty, then the Classic atta chakki machine is the perfect option as it also provides a hands-free operation.

How to choose the best Atta Chakki Machine?

There are various things you need to keep in mind while choosing an atta chakki for you, these are as follows:

Motor housing

The machines having a high RPM and good HP motor are the fastest in grinding the grains. Although, these may be the hottest so make sure it comes with an overload protection.

Grinding blades

The blades of the grinding chamber are the second most important thing in an atta chakki machine. Usually, both 4-blade and 6-blade grinding systems provide an efficient grinding process.

Type and design

It is very important to consider the type and design of such electrical machines.

Automatic atta chakki machines are the most convenient as they provide automatic working. On the other hand, stone type machines are outdated and do not bode well with today’s lifestyle.

Easy of care

An atta chakki machine requires regular cleaning and washing of the collection container. Therefore, a built-in vacuum chamber is an important feature to have in such models.

Moreover, a cloth ring around the container is also very favorable and the container should be washable.

Power expenditure

You need to make sure the power utilization of such electrical machines is as low as possible to protect your electricity bill.

Safety features

Protective elements such as child locks and overload protection are a must have in such products if you have young ones at home.

These kinds of features can protect both you and your family members from any type of harm. In any case, good company manufacturers prioritize user’s safety so these kind of features automatically make a good product.


Sometimes, you might have to move your machine from one place to another or even if you’re shifting to another house, portability is a great feature to have. Mostly good-quality castor wheels pre-built in can help you to a great extent.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which type of atta chakki machine should I go for?

Nowadays, automatic atta chakki machines are given more priority and importance because of the ease of use and additional features. In contrast, the stone type atta chakkis are difficult to use and may be harmful during operation.

How do I grind grains using an atta chakki machine at home?

It is a pretty simple and easy process. All you have to do is place your grains into the grinding chamber and just let the automatic atta chakki do its thing. Most of these machines work on a single operation so they are pretty easy to operate.

Is it cheaper to grind grains at home rather than buying packaged flour?

It is definitely easier to buy an atta chakki machine for home use rather than going out to buy a packaged one every time. Coincidentally, it is more healthy as well as you skip past any preservatives and chemicals.


To make things short, buying packaged flour from the store every now and then is very easy and time saving. That is actually why a few people still prefer doing that but the main problem lies in the cost and the health issues. On the other hand, buying an atta chakki machine for home use might be a hectic task but that is why, I have compiled a list above, consisting of 10 best machines that you can choose from. Happy shopping!

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